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sam. 30 oct.



Finnish Chamber Opera: Anne F. and Eva B.

Composition: Grigori Frid (Anne Frank), Pasi Lyytikäinen (Eva Braun) | Libretto: Grigori Frid (Anne Frank), Maritza Núñez (Eva Braun) | Director: Ville Saukkonen | Stage and costume design: Reeta Tuoresmäki | Lighting and video design: Petteri Pietiäinen Soloists: Anni Niemelä, Reetta Ristimäki

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Finnish Chamber Opera: Anne F. and Eva B.
Finnish Chamber Opera: Anne F. and Eva B.

Heure et lieu

30 oct. 2021, 14:00

Helsinki, Bulevardi 23-27, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

À propos de l'événement

To what extent can man influence his destiny or is life in the end just a sum of coincidences? The opera, produced by the Finnish Chamber Opera, puts together the human feelings and thoughts of Anne Frank and Eva Braun from different perspectives, who lived in a tragic and fatal period.

“Eva Braun’s Unrepresented Tape” is a premiere composed by Pasi Lyytikäinen for Maritza Núñez’s libretto. The monologue opera is a surreal and absurd description of the aging Eva Braun going through her own life, choices and feelings. What made young Eva Braun fall in love with Adolf Hitler? Does Eva Braun regret her choices and forgotten dreams during her life? The work is performed by soprano Reetta Ristimäki, known as an expressive actor and singer.

“Anne Frank” is a monologue opera composed by Grigori Frid in 1968, in which the composer himself has written the original libretto based on the diary and letters of Anne Frank. The work touches on the thought world of a teenage girl on the eve of adulthood, her dreams and hopes for the future. At the same time, a horrific idea creeps into consciousness that life may already be over before it even has time to begin. The bright soprano Anni Niemelä interprets the young girl's work, which deals with the entire emotional scale and moods of the era.


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